Public Relation Manager

Monday, 15 – 2 – 2016


  • Managing and maintain relation with government institution (Deperin, Depdag, Bapepam, Depkes, BPOM, Deptan, KLH, etc.)
  • Monitoring and managing the implementation of program in line with Good Corporate Governance principle.


  • Managing activities & program to increase the institution awareness about company existence
  • Managing and supporting Division/Unit in implementing external communication to build cooperation
  • Maintain and increase the good relation with mass media or other institution related to company’s image
  • Prepare and publish press release, speech and paper in non financial topic for BOD
  • Provide explanation and answer to mass media for any upcoming issue




1.Anonim. Job Vacancy Indofood. (Diakses tanggal 15 September 2016)


2.Google Pict. Answer (Accsess on February 15,2016)

3. Google Pict. Programme (Accsess on February 15,2016)




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