3 -5 Expressing Future Time in Time Clauses And “If Clauses”

a Before i go to class tomorrow, I’m going to eat breakfast

b. I’m going to eat Dinner at 6.00 tonight After i eat dinner, I’m going to study in my room

c. I’ll give mary your massage when i see her tomorrow

d. It’s Training right now. As soon as the rain stops, I’m going to walk downtown.

e. Maybe it will rain tomorrow, If it rains tomorrow, I’m going to stay home

The simple present is used in a future time clause, Be going to and will are NOT used in a future time clause.

Before, After, When, as sson as + Subject and verb + a time clause

In (a). The speaker is talking about two events going to class and eating breakfast. Both events are in the future, However, he speaker uses the simple present ( not be going to or will) to talk about going to class because the verb occurs in a time clause :

Before I go to class tomorrow

When the meaning is future, the simple present (not be going to or will) is used in an ” if – clause.” If + Subject and verb – an “If-clause”

53, Betty Schrampfer Azar


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