Types Of Banks

Monday, 23 – 11 – 2015

  1. Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks are also often called ‘ High Street Banks’ Because they have so many branched located in cities and towns. However, many banks provide telephone and online banking facilities for their customers so there is no need to visit a branch.





  1. Saving Banks

These banks were originally set up to provide a safe and accessible Place for people on low Income to keep their savings.


  1. Saving and Loans associations

These specialize In Keeping Savings deposits and lending money to people on low incomes to buy homes.


  1. Credit Unions

A Credit union is a co-operative, not –for-profit organization, owned by it’s members.


  1. Investment Banks





These banks specialize in helping large business organizations raise finance to fund their operation and expansion, usually through helping them to issue and sell stocks and shares on the stock.





  1. Islamic Banks

Islamic Banking is based on Principles of Islamic Sahria’a law, which forbids Interest charges and payments.


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