What is Advertising


Saturday, 14 – 11- 2015






  1. To Create Consumer Wants

The main aim of most advertising is to create a consumer want or a new or existing product and thereby create sales.

  1. To Create a brand Image

Advertising can be designed to persuade consumers to buy a product they would not otherwise buy by changing their attitudes, opinions and perceptions of a product and the firms that make and sell it.

  1. To Deter New Competition

Creating a powerful brand image and spending a large amount of money on big advertising campaigns can create a barrier to the entry into that product market by new competing firms.





  1. To Provide Information

Another Important aim of many advertisements is to provide factual information about goods and serices, to let people know what is available, or to give instructions , for example, travel directions or the running times of busses and trains.

5.To Maximize Profits




It should be clear to you by now that the main aim of advertising for many privatesector firms is to maximize their profits through the creation of consumer wants, brand loyalty and barriers to new competition.



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