Types Of Organisational Structures

Types Of Organisational Structures:

  1. The Formal Organizational Structure:

It describes positions, tasks, responsibilities and relationships among people in their positions in the different departments in the organization and presented in diagrammatic form called “Organizational Chart”.

2. The Informal Organizational Structure.

  • It described the personal and social relationship that does not appear on the organizational charts.
  • It helps members to meet their personal objectives and provides social satisfaction.
  • It also has its own channels of communication which may distribute information more broadly and rapidly then the formal communication system.
  • The informal organizational structure is important to management, thus the supervisors should be aware of its existence, study its operational techniques and use it to meet the organizational objectives.

3. Organizational Chart

It is a diagram that shows the different positions and departments and the relationships among them. It is used to show :

The formal organizational relationships, Areas of responsibility, Persons to whom one is accountable, Channels of communication


Sumber :

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