Sorry, Fellow Teachers: Standardized Testing Is Not the Devil

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What I’m about to say might make me the most unpopular teacher in the lounge.

Standardized testing actually isn’t all that bad. In fact, if used correctly, it can do some great stuff.

Sorry, I just had to duck as a head of lettuce was thrown my way.

I teach adults English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Our students take two or three tests during a semester, and if their scores improve, we get money from the state.

At first, like many teachers, I hated these tests. Then, I got a job as my school’s testing advisor. For nine years, I assisted teachers with the testing, trained them to do it more effectively, scanned all the test results into a giant database, collected a bunch of demographic information, and then sent off the final report to…

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