How to work on a paper with your classmates

Alternative choice to study

At a certain point during your time as an undergraduate, it’s inevitable that a professor of yours will assign a group writing assignment where you’ll have to complete a paper with some of your peers. As opposed to typical college papers where your grade is fully dependent on the quality of your own work, there’s always a certain amount of uncertainty when co-writing a project due to the inherent dependency on others. For many students, co-working on college paper can be a source of anxiety, since dealing with the opinions and criticisms of one’s peers can be stressful.

In particular, many college students feel a sense of hesitancy about sharing their papers with other students. Whether it’s because they feel insecure about being judged by the quality of their writing, or simply because it seems like an ineffective way to complete the project, students are unlikely to share whole papers…

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